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Tachometers & Stroboscopes

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Non-Contact/Contact, Laser Tachometers

Non-Contact/Contact, Laser Tachometers

The HC-DT205L and HC-DT207L are low power consumption, battery-operated, hand-held, microprocessor-controlled, non-contact/contact type tachometers that utilize a laser beam for movement detection.

In the non-contact mode, a laser beam measures RPM when directed towards a shaft (or any other rotating mechanism). The included 200L adaptor allows for contact measurement via a rubber tip cone attachment or the included 6” (152mm) master linear wheel.

Standard Accessories:

  • Reflective tape
  • 2 cone adapters
  • 1 funnel adapter
  • 1 3-1/2" extension shaft
  • NIST certificate
  • Carrying case with foam
  • 1 master wheel (6" cir)

Specifications: ...

Digital Hand-held Tachometer Accessories

Digital Hand-Held Tachometer Accessories

Hand-held tachometers can be updated with the following options and accessories:
PT-110 Tach

PT-110 Non-Contact Laser Tachometer

The Shimpo PT-110 Non-Contact Laser Tachometer is a simple to use, ergonomic, rugged test instrument that operates with optical laser technology. This velocity analyzing and measuring ...

MT-200 Tachometer

MT-200 Combination Contact/Non-Contact Pocket Tachometer

The MT-200 Combination Contact/Non-Contact Pocket Tachometer with microprocessor technology possesses the precision of the standard SHIMPO Tachometer line, yet within a compact, pocket-style enclosure. These battery-operated tachometers feature the same rugged, high quality components that have made SHIMPO tachometers the benchmark in the industry. The MT-200 provides users with the capabilities of measuring and recording speeds of rotational, linear and surface plus total length in both contact or non-contact modes. The user-friendly, value-packed units feature memory storage; quick selection unit’s button; length functions; retrieval of last, maximum and minimum values; plus each unit comes standard with a free N.I.S.T. ...

SaberStrobe - DT-326

SaberStrobe (LED) - Stroboscope

The SaberStrobe is an all new LED stroboscope utilizing super bright light emitting diodes (LED’s) in an appealing, durable all metal design. The DT-326’s unique LED array provides an accurate and stable strobe light. Innovative industrial design allows for a longer flash life - 5 times longer than traditional xenon flashtubes! With its intuitive “ONE HAND” controls, wide and adjustable flash rate, brightness and focus control, AC or DC operation and silent operation, the Shimpo DT-326 LED SaberStrobe provides a superior value in a practical package.


  • Wide Flash Range: 60-120,000 flashes per ...
TechStrobe - DT900

TechStrobe - Stroboscope


The DT-900 TechStrobe and DT-900-PR TechStrobe Professional Kit from Shimpo Instruments are the perfect tools for slow motion, or stop action stroboscopic inspection. The Shimpo TechStrobe is the only palm size unit to include a Phase shift feature. Phase shifting allows the TechStrobe operator to advance or retard the flash timing by degrees° of angle, without changing the actual flash rate (FPM) of the TechStrobe.Employing its unique Phase shifting feature, the TechStrobe “freezes” rotating or reciprocating machinery for visual inspection of covered gear teeth, shafts, oil/fuel/ink injector patterns, and print media; all without stopping production.

The TechStrobe is completely portable and ...