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Oil Sampling Products

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Aeroquip® Oil Sampling Valves

Aeroquip® Oil Sampling Valves

With a turn of the knob, the valve allows inline sampling of system fluids without system shutdown, in little time, and without the worry of fluid contamination.

For best results, the HC-FD15 oil sampling valves should be installed in dynamic fluid lines in low pressure and return lines. If only one sampling point can be chosen, it should be in the return line, upstream of any return line filter. This will ensure a representative sample of the present condition of all components in the system.

The Aeroquip® oil sampling valve is designed for use with engine oil, lubricating oil, transmission fluid and hydraulic fluids in mobile construction equipment, military vehicles, trucks and stationary equipment.

STAUFF® Oil Sampling Kits

STAUFF Oil Sampling Kit

Oil fluid analysis is a crucial component of any oil management program. Early detection of potential problems can prevent costly repairs and downtime.

STAUFF’s Oil Sampling Kit makes oil sampling easy (up to 300 PSI [20.7 bar]) with the fluid sample pump that can be used with any M16x2 test point. The mail-able, oil sample bottles are also available for purchase in packs of 10 or 1.

The STAUFF Oil Sampling ...

Mailable STAUFF® Oil Analysis Bottles

Mailable Stauff Oil Analysis Bottles

Fluid analysis is a crucial part of any oil management program. For your convenience, Stauff’s oil analysis bottles are pre-addressed and postage-paid mailable.

Simply take your oil sample, fill out the enclosed questionnaire, place the entire contents into the mailable bottle and drop the entire package in the mail. Your test results will be mailed directly back to you.

The test includes:
  • Spectographic Analysis - 19 elements for wear metals, contaminants.
  • Viscosity - the kinematic viscosity reported in centistokes (cSt).
  • Visible Debris Analysis - microscopic examination of any visible debris in the sample.
  • Total Acid Number (TAN).
  • Particle Count - to determine ...
Wear Check® Oil Sampling Valves

WearChek® Oil Sampling Valves

The easier it is to perform preventive maintenance, the more likely it is to be done.

Now, leak-free sampling of system fluids couldn’t be simpler or more reliable - without system shutdown. Only WearChek® offers easy opening push button control - just push and release for sampling engine oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluids. Double Seal construction and automatic positive closing ensure zero-leak performance in return lines and blocks, oil galleries, and pilot circuits. And, the one piece T-shaped design is not only rugged, but compact as well, facilitating installation where space is limited.

Help extend the usable life of critical fluid power systems. Encourage a regular sampling program with ...